Established in 1971, Alfardan Exchange aims to serve the needs of the region’s millions of expatriates and thriving foreign businesses investing in Qatar and the Middle East.

Alfardan Exchange has evolved to become the premier exchange house in Qatar, owing to the introduction of a wide range of financial services with faster and more cost-effective options than those offered by conventional banks, and by offering the best rates and competitive margins.

Alfardan Exchange maintains its leading position with a commitment to innovation by joining hands with leading financial organisations such as Western Union, Master Card, Commercial Bank, and others.

Additionally, Alfardan Exchange is a member of the Union of Arab Banks and the Digital Master Agent for Western Union, providing remittance services through a mobile application and an online web portal, as well as the distinctive services that it provides through its digital portal.

Managed by Mr. Fahad Hussain Alfardan, the exchange division has branches throughout Qatar, with associates and corresponding banks around the world providing the best possible access to financial services for its clients wherever they may be.

Alfardan Exchange has been ranked as the Top Exchange House in Qatar by Forbes and is the only one from Qatar to make it to the Top 20 Exchange Houses in the Middle East.

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