Established in 1971, Alfardan Exchange aimed to meet the demands of a rapid influx of expatriates into the country. Its product range was based on a wide range of financial services with faster and more cost efficient alternative to those offered by conventional banks. A fierce commitment to attaining the best rates and competitive margins helped establish the business as the number one exchange house in the country.

Managed by Fahad Alfardan, the exchange division has branches throughout Qatar, and associates and corresponding banks around the world, providing the best possible access to financial services for its customers wherever they may be.

Alfardan Exchange was the first financial house in Qatar to adopt computerized transfers and other technologies such as SWIFT and Reuters to add convenience and reliability to its clients’ experience.

Alfardan Exchange maintains its leadership position with a commitment to innovation by joining hands with leading financial organisations such as Western Union, Master Card, and Visa.

Alfardan Exchange also provided financing for Alfardan business interests during the early days of the Group.


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