12Oct 2020

Alfardan Medical with Northwestern Medicine Signs Partnership Agreement with QLM Life & Medical Insurance

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28Sep 2020

Alfardan Group ventures into Qatar’s healthcare sector with the launch of a new ambulatory care center

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The partnership will provide QLM local clients access to high-quality, advanced, and innovative healthcare services available at AMNM. 

Alfardan Medical with Northwestern Medicine (AMNM), Qatar’s latest premium ambulatory care center, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with QLM Life and Medical Insurance Company (QLM), a subsidiary of Qatar Insurance Company (QIC) Group.

Through this agreement, QLM cardholders can now benefit from AMNM’s innovative, tech-powered, and patient-centric healthcare model. Reimagining the future of healthcare in Qatar and beyond, AMNM provides high-quality, multidisciplinary medical care, and patient service. 

AMNM operates under an American model of care, with a focus on advanced medicine practices, backed by a patient-centric approach, transparency, world-class service, and teamwork that excels in the services provided. AMNM’s sophisticated healthcare services are powered by a multinational collective of specialized medical staff and professionals from leading markets, including a large contingent from the U.S.

Experienced physicians are providing high-quality medical care in various medical specialties, including: Ear, Nose and Throat, Dentistry, Dermatology, Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Plastic Surgery, Reproductive Endocrinology/Infertility, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Sleep Medicine and Executive Health.

Mr. Omar Hussain Alfardan, President and CEO of Alfardan Group (AFG), said: “Alfardan Group boasts over 65 years of legacy in delivering world-class premium experiences, with the guiding principles of quality, luxury and service excellence. Our partnership with QLM will provide their local clients access to the high-quality, advanced, and innovate healthcare services that are available at AMNM. Having only just opened in September 2020, ensuring an agreement with one of Qatar’s leading healthcare insurance providers was a natural and important next step for us.”

He added: “We’ve had a long-standing and successful partnership with QLM, they have cared for all of our Alfardan Group employees under their excellent insurance. We now look forward to caring for QLM clients and providing them with exceptional healthcare.”

The recent introduction of AMNM in Qatar marks Alfardan Group’s first venture in the healthcare sector. Located in the heart of Lusail City, AMNM is the result of a significant international collaboration between Alfardan Group and U.S.-based Northwestern Medicine. AMNM’s facilities have been designed around the patient’s experience, adhering to international benchmarks and standards of medical infrastructure, architectural design, and services. The ambulatory care center offers patients and their families an environment of privacy and comfort in a luxurious setting. 

Expressing his views about this strategic partnership, Mr. Salem bin Khalaf Al Mannai, Group CEO of Qatar Insurance Group stated, “We are extremely delighted to collaborate with Alfardan Medical with Northwestern Medicine and sign this agreement. Through 55+ years of QIC’s operation, we have been providing exceptional services and the same virtue is reflected through QLM’s motto of delivering quality healthcare. At QLM we focus consistently towards providing world-class healthcare services through our expanding global network of providers. In fact, this in conjunction with our years of expertise have enabled us to carve out a niche that distinguishes us from other players in the marketplace.”

He further added, “Through this new partnership, we are strengthening further our long-standing relationship with the Alfardan Group, uniting the legacy and the leadership of the two institutions based in Qatar and in the region.”

He commented, “QLM will continue to provide customized insurance plans with distinctive, world-class healthcare services to its multicultural client base. In fact, QLM is the only specialized national insurance company in the life and health insurance segment in Qatar. The signing of this agreement is an integral part of a series of many achievements that will be announced by QLM in due course.”

Salem Al-Mannai further stated, “This partnership affirms the company's eagerness to proactively expand its network of service providers to include the largest hospitals and healthcare centers to ensure access to comprehensive healthcare services to its members. With a client base comprising Government entities and major institutions, QLM is regarded as the dominant life and medical insurer with a market share of over 50% in both medical and group life insurance.