Strategic Compass


From its roots in the pearling industry, Alfardan family has moved from strength to strength to become one of the Middle East’s leading business conglomerates.

Building on its reputation as one of the most successful pearl traders in the Gulf region, the Alfardan family embarked on an ambitious plan to diversify its business interests several decades ago. At the time, the Second World War had just ended and the family’s pearling business had met tough challenges with the introduction of Japanese cultured pearls and disruptions to traditional pearl trade routes. Hussain Alfardan started his rise to prominence when he single-handedly revived the family business, capitalizing on the economic boom in the Gulf region, favorable government regulations and minimal business; thus making good use of his experience in trading high-value products. Alfardan Jewellery was then established in Doha in 1954, sowing the seeds of a highly successful business diversification strategy that fueled the rapid growth of the family’s business interests. Under Hussain Alfardan’s guidance, the jewellery business flourished and branches outside Qatar were subsequently opened, including those in the Saudi Arabian cities of Riyadh, Jeddah and Khobar.

In the early 70’s the Alfardan family opened the first exchange house in Qatar, and to this day the exchange and finance divisions have kept pace with continuously advancing technological developments of the global market.

The family continued with the diversification route under the leadership of Hussain Alfardan and the support of his three sons Ali, Fahad and Omar Alfardan and eventually established new businesses in the Property, Hospitality, Investment, Automotive and Marine sectors with targeted focus on providing the local and regional niche luxury consumer products and services. Moreover, the family’s aggressive expansion plans and success in some selected business in Qatar such as in Property and Automotive influenced a key decision to expand the family’s business activities into other countries across the region.


The Alfardan family’s success is built on an uncompromising commitment to quality and excellence in the delivery of unparalleled luxury products and services, customer satisfaction, strong focus on relationship value, and a determination to become a leader in Qatar and the global business landscape in every business endeavor the family ventures in.

Alfardan Group is now moving in step with the thriving economy of Qatar, constantly in pursuit of the latest technologies, knowledge and best practices in the local, regional and global landscape. The Group also continuous to explore new business interests as part of a long-term growth strategy, a move that has helped swiftly raise Alfardan’s status from a local market player to a regional leader and an innovator – setting new standards in the various industries where it operates.


To offer superlative luxury products and services of the highest standards of quality and excellence; as well as continuously striving to remain the unmatched brand leader in every market the Alfardan Group ventures in.

Alfardan Group is fully committed to deliver products and services that satisfy market demands and exceed customer expectations. Driven by a passion for quality and excellence, and guided by its core corporate values, Alfardan Group will continue to show the way as the most dynamic and most successful family-owned business conglomerate in Qatar and in the region. With the company’s strong values which revolve around Customer Focus, Integrity, Transparency and Shareholder Value; the Group will continue on its route to success.