Alfardan Motors hosts ‘Esperienza Ferrari’; participants laud Ferrari models GTC4Lusso and 488 Spider

Alfardan Motors, the official importer of Ferrari in Oman, organised an exclusive driving event – Esperienza Ferrari – offering customers, prospects and media a unique opportunity to experience Ferrari’s GTC4Lusso and 488 Spider models on the beautiful roads near Al Bustan Palace Hotel.

A thorough briefing on vehicles performance, handling and innovation was conducted before the start of the event by professional Ferrari instructors flown in from Maranello, Italy. Later the guests were given opportunity to experience the legendary Ferrari DNA behind the wheel of two of the Prancing Horse’s finest models.

The Esperienza Ferrari event allowed the participants to enjoy and test drive the Ferrari models in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Along the way, drivers enjoyed the engineering and sophisticated design of Ferrari’s GTC4Lusso and 488Spider as well as the picturesque roads of the Sultanate.

Mohamed El Zawawy, Assistant General Manager of Alfardan Motors said, “Ferrari vehicles deliver unparalleled performance and it is most apt that this event, ‘Esperienza Ferrari’, allowed clients and members of the media to experience the brand’s outstandingly exceptional models, GTC4Lusso and the 488 Spider, in a very special way.”

Ferrari’s GTC4Lusso
Innovation, versatility, performance, sportiness and elegance have all been given an entirely new meaning, thanks to the way they merge seamlessly in the GTC4Lusso. Powerful yet sophisticated, sporty yet luxurious, Ferrari’s new 12-cylinder really does make every journey a radically different experience. Whether being driven solo or with all four seats occupied, the latest addition to the Ferrari range puts people at the centre of a whole new world. The GTC4Lusso was designed to deliver different and entirely surprising emotions.

It couples four-wheel drive with a four-wheel steering system to deliver formidably sporty performance even in very low grip conditions. In short, this is a sublimely refined, stylish car that will get its occupants to even extreme destinations in superb comfort, relishing lengthy journeys, challenging twisty routes and long straights alike.

It is a car designed for clients wanting to experience the exhilaration of Ferrari driving anywhere, anytime, anyhow: short spins and long journeys, snowy mountain roads and city streets, alone or in the company of three lucky passengers. Clients that demand power but refuse to compromise on in-car comfort, sporty elegance and impeccable detailing.

Its 12-cylinder engine delivers smooth, consistent power. And punches out 690 cv at 8,000 rpm at full throttle. Both its 2.6 kg/cv power-to-weight ratio and its 13.5:1 compression ratio set new records for the category. Maximum torque is 697 Nm at 5,750 rpm with 80% already available at just 1,750 rpm for superb responsiveness even at low revs.

Ferrari’s 488 Spider
Ferrari’s 488 Spider, is the most powerful ever mid-rear-engined V8 car to feature the patented retractable hard top along with the highest level of technological innovation and with cutting-edge design.

Ferrari was the first manufacturer to introduce the RHT (Retractable Hard Top) on a car of this particular architecture. This solution ensures lower weight (-25 kg) and better cockpit comfort compared to the classic fabric soft-top. Just like all previous spider versions of Ferrari’s models, this is a car that is aimed squarely at clients seeking open-air motoring pleasure in a high-performance sports car with an unmistakable Ferrari engine sound.

Every area of the car has been designed to set new technological benchmarks for the sector: from the aluminium spaceframe chassis and bodyshell to the new turbocharged V8, aerodynamics that reconcile the need for greater downforce with reduced drag along with the specific cabin air flow demands of an open-top car, and vehicle dynamics that render it fast, agile and instantly responsive.

Beneath the engine cover throbs the 3902 cc turbo-charged V8 that debuted just a few months ago on the 488 GTB. Its performance levels are nothing short of extraordinary: a maximum power output of 670 CV combined with maximum torque of 760 Nm at 6750 rpm send the 488 Spider sprinting from 0 to 100 km/h in 3 seconds flat and from 0 to 200 km/h in 8.7 seconds. This is also an exceptionally efficient engine as it is not only 100 CV more powerful than the previous naturally aspirated V8 but also has lower CO2 emissions.